About Us

KiNNU stands for our dedication in creating great products for dynamic sports. Using the latest materials and production methods, KiNNU products are priced such that the top becomes attainable to more athletes and players.
We take pride in attention to detail. Top performance and durability, absolute comfort and sharp looks, it all matters.
With our creative spark, the skills of selected top producers and taking advantage of a vast network of professionals and top talented athletes as product testers, we aim to raise the level of professional competitions as well as grassroots levels. We believe that everyone deserves must to honorably play with and wear enjoy the best sports products. Not only in the competitions, but vitally during the trainings as well.
KiNNU is keeping the lines short. We deal directly with both the producers and the players without intermediaries. This enables us to getting innovations quicker to market and keep prices as low as possible.
And it’s not just business, KiNNU is fueled by true passion for sports innovation and passion for people. The KiNNU network is actively leveraged to connect actors with shared visions and goals, to come to new co-operations and mutual knowledge exchange.

We hope that you’ve been intrigued fascinated to try out some of our products. While we aim to inform you the best as possible right here on the website site and online-shop webshop, please feel free to ask for the help in selecting the best suitable products for boosting your passion! That will suit you the best.

Just shoot us an email at info@kinnuworld.com