Quality and Features:

KiNNU balls have been tested under laboratory conditions for their performance and durability
KiNNU Hockey Balls are made using especially formulated materials that are designed to offer players a smooth feel on the ball. One of the main advantages of this formulation is that the characteristics of the balls do not change, even in the extreme temperatures. The balls are cold resistant so do not become hard in winter like cheap balls. The balls do not crack and last for a longer period. The balls feel and play in the same way whatever the conditions may be.
A normal ball weight average 160 gram, according to FIH standard. A Mini ball weight average 105 gram.  
Always compare the quality before purchasing the balls OR it can cause serious injuries to the players!

While playing with cheap balls, you can notice ball travel with a bias. This is because of uneven wall thickness. Most of the cheap balls have excessive paste on one side. These poor structures make balls heavy from one side. This can be extremely dangerous to the players when lining up to stop the ball, particularly when the ball travels through the air.
Playing with KiNNU hockey ball, you will notice that the ball travels in a straight line both in flight and along the playing surface. There is no deviation in its flight or traveling. This is due to our superior technology that allows us to produce balls with a consistent wall thickness.

Material Awareness:

The raw material used by KiNNU for hockey balls is an excellent general-purpose plasticizer for flexible PVC (polyvinylchloride). This plasticizer provides low thickness with strong sticking force. It also offers excellent low-temperature flexibility, meaning in the winter months balls do not break. These features offer a high quality performance during the practice and the match. KiNNU offers one year guaranty against cracks.